About Me

I discovered the wonderful world of Fashion about 18 years ago and I never looked back. Since then, I have spent time in front and behind the camera be it, photo camera or video camera and I have accumulated a wealth of experience yet remained modest, patient, perseverant and hard working – key traits for this industry, while learning from everyone I have worked with.

Elena Francisc, former editor in chief of Cosmopolitan who gave me my first break and encouraging advice as well as the Editorial team’s suggestions and guidance, helped me make the transition from the Cat walk to the “glossy” world of fashion and the memories of my first fashion editorial as a Stylist are very dear to me.

I have worked  and continue to work as a Fashion & Beauty Director with some of the best magazine labels such as Cosmopolitan, Beau Monde, FHM, Burda, Eve and many others, in addition to TV shows and TV productions and this is bringing me unbelievable satisfaction.

Together with my artistic “jump” to Wardrobe design, working with the best creative teams made me realize that the human spirit is certainly a divine creation possessing amazing imagination and power.

As an Organizer or Artistic Director of  Fashion events I can put all the pieces together given my experience in modeling and fashion with a keen understanding of my customer’s needs.

Over time I have worked with all kinds of artists, Designers, movie and commercial Directors, Producers, as well as some of the best Photographers in the business. To this group of amazing professionals I say Thank you for making my work come alive enabling me to ‘make a difference’.

This has been a tremendous source of happiness for me as I continue to make my dreams come true.


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